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Originally Posted by BNSFrailfan View Post
Yes. Yesterday was cloudy and cold and I heard a driver talking all the way up near Herman,Nebraska. Damn near 7 miles away from my location here in Blair. I heard him clearly. If you have a very good "Tuned" Antenna tuned to your Radio. You could talk for a hell of a lot of miles. Even on a crappy 4 watt Radio. CB Radios are under powered/watted. If I went to the top of the hills here in town. On good days. I could talk to drivers for well over 50 miles.
Are you saying CBs are under-powerer radios simply because of the 4-watt limit or becuase they could be used (and have been and are) with a lot more power? BTW, it's hard to read your posts with so many "periods" in them.
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