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I have a few suggestions, eerrr feedback.

First and foremost, I am elated that the RR staff decided to make this possible! I currently run 5 feeds on RR. I also run a website catered to my community at | Flagstaff area scanner streaming audio, which plays all of my scanner feeds. I would like to give RR as much credit as possible, and use its embed player, but I am unable to use and am instead having to stream my feed to another site (as well as RR) and stream it from them.

The RR code is too big and takes up the entire page.
If you have more than 1 feed it would be VERY sore on the eyes. In my case I would have 5
It seems like only 1 player can be run at a time.


Make the embed much smaller and condensed.
add the archive, report problem, status, and feed details button to the embed code
make it look similar to the web player interface like the attached image

Just my .02, keep up the good work!
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