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Originally Posted by DragLvr911 View Post
all digital scanners are restricted in canada .. pop open any manual for any scanner and it'll say *license required for use in canada* .. also if your a fire fighter .. the police arent going to say you cant have one .. goto the links i posted and read. and ive also attached Manual for my 996T (digital) scanner. ...(page 10)
I am a holder of the Restricted Radio Operator permit from the Ministry of Health.
I am a holder of the ROC-M Restricted Marine Radio License.
I operate digital radios at my place of employment. I do not have any "Digital Radio License". I've never even heard of it, but then again I don't really concern myself with licenses I don't need.

I purchased a digital scanner from a retailer mentioned in this thread and was not asked for any license or even identification from my place of employment, which I had with me. The gentleman took my money and I walked out the door. Probably for the last time since I don't like the mark up of local retailers.

The local police have been in my home at my request in the course of a threat made to me by someone on the internet. While my "stack" (in plain view in my living room) interested the officer, she had nothing to say about it. I'm sure if I had "Illegal Digital Scanners" she would have been happy to confiscate them.

Do I want to pay IC money for something I certainly don't need? Of course not. So why would you come to an open forum and go on about issues that are obviously something they aren't concerned about.
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