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Karol, the kooky Kanadian, really knows how to push the buttons on those who choose to get bent out of shape by his antics. He sits there, speaking on a one way, non-existent QSO, stirring up his detractors, hearing them repeatedly violate their own license provisions, and laughs his butt off. Why do people fall into that trap? When I don't like what I'm hearing, I have that big knob on the radio that I can turn and just QSY to friendlier grounds. 14.275, besides our BC friend, is also home to two goobers that hang out there on the weekends - complete with long periods of non-use, poor code identifier, and Dodge Boy Sheriff accents (while they work the sheep behind the outhouse) who have bad things to say to anyone daring to use THEIR frequency where a courteous, "Sorry the frequency is in use" would suffice. In any event, Laura is somewhat right. Dear Karol will still continue his one way diatribes but without the jamming from our own "experienced" ops. His website, at least back when I got on the air, read like a case study of extreme psychosis. He is no dummy and plays the jammers like suckers.
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