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Further to yet another of your largely irrational rants, above, allow me to be more blunt this time: YOU either have s**t-for-brains generally, are a slow-learner in particular and/or have short-to-medium-term memory loss in greater particular.

For why I aver so strongly and to conserve bandwidth, re-read my comment, to YOU, two years ago exactly, dated 2 Apr ’08 in “14.275 USB??” in this very forum:

And now for some constructive comments on and a brief discussion of the merits of the TRUE SUBJECT of this thread in general, my original comment in particular and Ms. Laura SMITH’s historically IMPORTANT e-mail especially….

Fairly read, Laura SMITH’s e-mail appears to be an attempt by her to ‘lean on’ the All-American 14.275 Mob to behave in a mature, reasonable, ethical – or if all else fails, LEGAL manner generally – and vis-à-vis Karol MADERA VE7KFM in particular.

But, what YOU and most of the readers may not realize, is that Laura’s e-mail was meant to be a SECRET….

As such, Laura allowed herself poetic licence/hyperbole to ‘damn’ Karol VE7KFM, as the saying goes, “with faint praise”, so as to make her central/greater point, viz.: that the QRM’ing “needs to stop and [it] needs to stop right now!”

In my half-Century+ of non-comatose experience I have seen this approach used – and increasingly abused – especially by ‘do-gooders’ from the USA. Your mileage may vary depending on where you sit.

Irrespective, this approach is dangerous and arguably is NOT ethical, even in the pursuit of a “Greater Good”. Not ethical, because its secret/behind the scenes nature is unfair to the individual being caricatured/‘bad-mouthed’. Dangerous, because when such ‘obiter’ ramblings become public – as they often do – they tend to cause more damage than they purport to fix. Even more importantly, they tend to mislead poorly-reading/feeble-reasoning individuals, such as Dan HENSLEY KC9NCF/kc9kow and YOU, among others, as amply demonstrated here.

Again, allow me to explain/expound more fully….

The “Gravamen” as Karol writes, or “Holding” as your shysters are wont to say, or the ‘Pith and Substance’ of Laura’s de facto ‘Order’ is: STOP the QRM in general – and to Karol in particular – OR ELSE!

In support, Laura cites such ‘lightweights’, HI, as “THE RULES” [i.e. YOUR Part 97] and the US Constitution!!

Everything else very arguably is a YAWN, ‘noise’, ‘suck-up’, or less….

But Dan KC9NCF/kc9kow in his originating post and YOU would nevertheless latch onto this ‘noise’ – falsely re-stated at that – and would try to make it the central theme of your comment(s). Dan and YOU make largely irrational comments about/opine on – Laura’s throw-away/marginal hyperbolic comments – while failing to address the brutally-stated if inconvenient CENTRAL FACTS & TRUTH of her e-mail. That is NOT rational/reasonable…. In fact, that is downright “Coo Coo”/”kooky” to borrow YOUR CB-esque defamatory alliterations repeatedly used by YOU against Karol!

Speaking of “Coo Coo”/”kooky”, it is YOU who is demonstrably “Coo Coo”, for example, for averring without proof that: “He sits there, speaking on a one way, non-existent QSO”. Just because YOU do not hear the tree fall in the forest, does NOT mean that it does not make a sound! Even as a relatively new General, YOU should know better!

BTW Want to put your unfounded allegation that Karol has “non-existent QSO’s” to the test? I’ll give YOU 10:1 odds…. PUT UP or SHUT UP!

And as to Karol’s attributed, signed and even © ONE & ONLY hard-hitting website:


the ONLY place where Laura’s CRITICALLY IMPORTANT e-mail and its background can be publicly found – how does it compare to the un-attributed, un-signed, cloaked, fraudulent and clearly PSYCHOTIC website ‘as if by’ VE7KFM cited by Dan KC9NCF/kc9kow above, about which YOU also remain so strangely silent?

“Coo Coo” indeed!!!