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Yes, Jim is pretty much right- Stay away from the computers and electronics.

Your radio shouldn't just "open up," .. or open squelch whenever it feels like... but this would be in an open area, not around buildings or businesses/ homes. The green light may flash; the radio may miss intended radio signals, but it shouldn't just make noise/static on it's own w/ PL programmed.

Now, if a radio signal was being transmitted from say, a tower site or near by source, and it had your programmed frequency/ CTCSS while you were around these devices making static and such, yes, the CTCSS decode will open, because CTCSS is a much lower frequency and travels further. This lower frequency (Hz rather then MHz) the radio will see easier, and then "open up" .. allowing the intended MHz frequency- which is now junk due to the computers/ electronics in the area- to make static.

I use CTCSS because "PL" is Motorola's "Private Line" .. same thing.. but I dislike Motorola. and I rather type extra letters then give Moto credit.
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