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Thumbs down Canadian, Eh?

Originally Posted by edmscan View Post
I am Canadian ... and I don't know much about 14.275 but I do agree that I have heard what appears to be broadcast type transmissions on that frequency.

Personally I think that Amateur Radio is all about conversing with someone on the other end, and 14.275 seems to not be about having a meaningful conversation.

I will have to admit that the FCC has no enforcement capability when it comes to Canadians. So has anyone complained to the Canadian authorities ? Sounds to me like someone needs to have their license revoked.


Why did you write this?

It’s a testament to: (1) your patently inattentive monitoring; (2) your obviously fuzzy reading/reasoning; and (3) your sloppy – if not purposely misleading – writing!

I’ll explain….

If you monitored, as opposed to scanned 14.275 MHz you would have realized – at least twice in less than 10 min. – that it’s Glenn K1MAN who is making the “broadcast type transmissions on that frequency.” FYI Glenn has been doing it 24/7/365 since early July 2009.

And if you had read/thought about – but carefully/intelligently as behooves a supposed Canadian – the 14.275 situation, concerning which you “don’t know much”, say even as set out by Karol VE7KFM on his Front Page:


even you might have realized that Glenn K1MAN was/is amateur radio’s “once and future King” on 14.275 transmitting Bulletins of Amateur Interest and NOT Karol!!

So, for you to write: (1) asking if anyone has complained to Canadian authorities; and then (2) opining that Karol’s licence be revoked – for something an American has been/is doing – is an absolute outrage!!!

Come to think of it Kevin, are you sure that you’re a Canadian?