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Originally Posted by CDN View Post

Further to yet another of your largely irrational rants, above, allow me to be more blunt this time: YOU either have s**t-for-brains generally, are a slow-learner in particular and/or have short-to-medium-term memory loss in greater particular.

For why I aver so strongly and to conserve bandwidth, re-read my comment, to YOU, two years ago exactly, dated 2 Apr ’08 in “14.275 USB??” in this very forum:

And now for some constructive comments on and a brief discussion of the merits of the TRUE SUBJECT of this thread in general, my original comment in particular and Ms. Laura SMITH’s historically IMPORTANT e-mail especially….

Fairly read, Laura SMITH’s e-mail appears to be an attempt by her to ‘lean on’ the All-American 14.275 Mob to behave in a mature, reasonable, ethical – or if all else fails, LEGAL manner generally – and vis-à-vis Karol MADERA VE7KFM in particular.

But, what YOU and most of the readers may not realize, is that Laura’s e-mail was meant to be a SECRET….

As such, Laura allowed herself poetic licence/hyperbole to ‘damn’ Karol VE7KFM, as the saying goes, “with faint praise”, so as to make her central/greater point, viz.: that the QRM’ing “needs to stop and [it] needs to stop right now!”

In my half-Century+ of non-comatose experience I have seen this approach used – and increasingly abused – especially by ‘do-gooders’ from the USA. Your mileage may vary depending on where you sit.

Irrespective, this approach is dangerous and arguably is NOT ethical, even in the pursuit of a “Greater Good”. Not ethical, because its secret/behind the scenes nature is unfair to the individual being caricatured/‘bad-mouthed’. Dangerous, because when such ‘obiter’ ramblings become public – as they often do – they tend to cause more damage than they purport to fix. Even more importantly, they tend to mislead poorly-reading/feeble-reasoning individuals, such as Dan HENSLEY KC9NCF/kc9kow and YOU, among others, as amply demonstrated here.

Again, allow me to explain/expound more fully….

The “Gravamen” as Karol writes, or “Holding” as your shysters are wont to say, or the ‘Pith and Substance’ of Laura’s de facto ‘Order’ is: STOP the QRM in general – and to Karol in particular – OR ELSE!

In support, Laura cites such ‘lightweights’, HI, as “THE RULES” [i.e. YOUR Part 97] and the US Constitution!!

Everything else very arguably is a YAWN, ‘noise’, ‘suck-up’, or less….

But Dan KC9NCF/kc9kow in his originating post and YOU would nevertheless latch onto this ‘noise’ – falsely re-stated at that – and would try to make it the central theme of your comment(s). Dan and YOU make largely irrational comments about/opine on – Laura’s throw-away/marginal hyperbolic comments – while failing to address the brutally-stated if inconvenient CENTRAL FACTS & TRUTH of her e-mail. That is NOT rational/reasonable…. In fact, that is downright “Coo Coo”/”kooky” to borrow YOUR CB-esque defamatory alliterations repeatedly used by YOU against Karol!

Speaking of “Coo Coo”/”kooky”, it is YOU who is demonstrably “Coo Coo”, for example, for averring without proof that: “He sits there, speaking on a one way, non-existent QSO”. Just because YOU do not hear the tree fall in the forest, does NOT mean that it does not make a sound! Even as a relatively new General, YOU should know better!

BTW Want to put your unfounded allegation that Karol has “non-existent QSO’s” to the test? I’ll give YOU 10:1 odds…. PUT UP or SHUT UP!

And as to Karol’s attributed, signed and even © ONE & ONLY hard-hitting website:


the ONLY place where Laura’s CRITICALLY IMPORTANT e-mail and its background can be publicly found – how does it compare to the un-attributed, un-signed, cloaked, fraudulent and clearly PSYCHOTIC website ‘as if by’ VE7KFM cited by Dan KC9NCF/kc9kow above, about which YOU also remain so strangely silent?

“Coo Coo” indeed!!!

CDN, nee Karol by any other name, (or a poor clone) reveals a remarkably similar writing style to the above referenced site (I checked with a writing expert). To quote Shakespere, "The Gentleman Doth Protest Too Much". Are we hitting to close to the truth for you to handle? Personal insults (or your poor attempts of same) are accepted with peals of laughter and a hearty "Harumph" for they have elicited the desired, predictable, response - just as Karol carefully choreographs the outrageous response from his detractors. I'll let your comments above speak for themselves.
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