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Originally Posted by N_Jay View Post
Do you have an equivalent source for Canada, or is yours an irrelevant one-sided and meaningless post?
I believe you have answered the question in your last phrase to the tee. Irrelevancy, and lengthy anonymous quotes from sources like "Z" and that mystical Brian (always below the noise level) that Karol says the same things to repeatedly (on different nights) are little more than smoke, mirrors, and the haven for weak arguments and intellectual frustration. CDN, nee Karol, is unworthy of further response since we have already driven a large nail through his ego (or is it alter-ego?) for a initial desired, almost Pavlovian, reflexive response. Just let him ramble on alone, NJ-Jay, for it only gets funnier and self descriptive . False flags are still an enjoyable game - even after all these many years.
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