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Thumbs down CDN/KAROL lost the argument already

I ask a friend in the States to do a freedom of information request on this "email from Laura" when it was posted on and reply from FCC was "this email does not exist and appear nowhere in our files" and ever since this time I have been reading "Radio Canada" -- VE7KFM & FRIENDS and doing the reserche. What I have found is KFM was not allowed to practice law; was thrown out of Real Estate Board; banned from eham and; is not a retired navy captain, and when calling FCC was told by Laura Smith herself to ignore this man. He is not taken seriously due to mental problem and speaking to IC have received hundreds of complaints about him, including our own RAC. So my advice is ignore l'enfant terrible and the Victoria B.C. Pissoire hosted at Shaw and read instead the excellent


Steve, TKH