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Take my Guard means , I am operating in your [AOR - Area of Responsibility] and we will follow [mostly already established time period] the routine check-in [15 / 30 / 60 min / 4 hr] time with Lat/Lon and Status. Routinely heard with the Helo's and Fixwing from Cape Cod AirSta.

4hr check in's are usually Cutters well out to SEA and will likely occur on HF not VHF/UHF

Secure my Guard means , either I have RTB [Returned to Base] and/or transfered guard to another Unit [Sector]

CG Air Craft will ID via 4 digit # with Sector and they go by Rescue with 4 digit number during a SAR event

An EXCELLENT CG Assets List is avail at Monitoring Times

Originally Posted by joekehoe View Post
I was listening to USCG and they said that they were securing their guard. What does this mean?
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