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The thinner the guage the better the RX is questionable at best. The wire you use will be energized best as long as it is "tuned" to the frequency range you want, meaning it is resonant. The combiner can be picked up at radio shack for a few dollars depending what you get, do NOT get the one for 18 inch dish, they do not work well below 900MHz. For best results you may have to comprimise with the materials between electrical effeciency and structural stability. I would suggest using brass tubing from a local hobby and craft shop for the antenna elements on the low band antenna and good, stiff 10 or 12 guage copper wire for the high band and uhf antennas. Now if you want a REALLY good antenna system for the scanner I can point you to a website that tells how to build them, but those antennas are for the band they are built for and barely work at all for other bands so you have to build an antenna for each band you want to hear and they require a bit of antenna theory knowledge to go along with them. As for teh ferrite bead, go to radio shack and tell them you want a snap on ferrite choke, it is usually in the "parts" section

And yes, that is the ferrite choke

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