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Originally Posted by ecps92 View Post
Sofa, I think many folks bought Scanners w/o the Search buttons, only my Opinion

163.7250 $169 was a Simplex ICE [National - Direct]

163.6500 $A00
163.7750 #A01
NICE - seems the Wide-Area Repeater Systems [Based on New England and some other verified regions]
will use a common input and NAC and then each Rptr has it's own output and different NAC [in near sequential order]
Yeah, I could see that. I keep listening for "200", but never hear that.

So, you knew about this 163.7250 $169? I thought I heard it as repeater, but maybe not. I made a note it was survailance.

What I don't get is why there is so much ICE activity in N FL and yet very little in my area or south until you are in S Miami. But N FL is really busy. I even see them on the highways up there.
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