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Originally Posted by WaukNews View Post
Has any reprogrammed a Uniden BC246T with any luck? I have version 1.42 I have the BC VUP update loader up, the BC-246T_V2 downloaded, I have downloaded a driver to use com port 3 with a USB port and I get as far as almost updating and I get a error stating...This scanner is not an object for BC246T rewritting is impossible. . Is my scanner to old for a rewrite? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
I have a Uniden 246T that I updated to firmware version 2.60 quite some time ago (a year or more). I can't recall the sequence or whether I had to do some intermediate updates to get to this point. Last week I used the Butel Lite software to update the Waukesha TRS to the new rebanded version. Everything's working fine.

So, I believe your scanner is capable of doing what you want. I just don't remember the exact sequence of events to get to a newer firmware version. Sorry I can't be of more help. You might want to ask the question about updating firmware in the "Uniden Scanners" forum on the RadioReference site. Somebody there might know more. Here's a related post:


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