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Default Home Patrol Review from TV News Op

After reading this thread my note seems like a drop in the ocean, but just to toss in my two cents...

I "test drive" scanners and technology for our major market TV station in the south. I've been playing with Home Patrol for two weeks, mostly on the road.

First glance; love the touchscreen and display, hate the speaker and the (lack of) sound. Awful output to external speaker.

I often need to quickly choose a combination of specific agencies to scan while chasing news, but can't find a way to easily do that with the HP. I also have programmed our scanners, both on the desk and in the trucks, for the needs of our business. As we all know, I can't program the HP to meet those needs.

Because of that, I've told our folks to pass on this one for now and we'll stick with our stock of 396XT handhelds and 996T and 996XT desktops.

My dream is in the future Uniden will put out a new offering with some of these new bells and whistles with more flexibility for our needs.

R Cavitt, Atlanta, GA