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Default Record not working?

Originally Posted by Viper43 View Post
Record not working? Haven't heard that one, whats it doing? What kind of system? Or do you mean replay? With replay you have to wait until there are no transmissions before tapping replay. What people don't realize is that the replay function records while there is a transmission so you need to wait a fraction of a second after the transmission to hit replay then it will replay the transmissions.
I screwed this up at first too..
Hit record and let it record of a bit. then hit menu..
then go to advanced menu (lower right of first menu screen).
then go to the very lower right option, called replay option,
Hit that button , click review'll see a dated grey box, click should go to play session as default, then click OK and it should play the recorded stuff...(it's nice that it looks just like the front screen showing departments, systems, talkgroups etc.) Hope that works.