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Question Need Help Please

I have been scanning for years, I thought I knew alot about it until coming across this site. WOW at the knowledge!
I currently have the PRO 528, which has worked just fine until about 3 weeks ago. Police/Fire/Ems for my area were 155.*** numbers. But the county is in transition to change of to the digital trunkin. Three weeks ago I noticed I am not getting fire. Being good friends with head of dispatchers, she told me that they are all equiped with it but only fire is comfortable so they are using it. I went to radio shack, was told that the 528 definately won't work. So I need a new handheld, salesperson is trying to talk me into a PRO 164, but isnt that scanner analog also, manual has voice:analog? I know the county is going digital and rebanded, so if the 164 with the right firmware will work is what I need to know.

Also, was reading about black friday sale, am I seeing it right that the PRO 164 is going to be $99/ hard to believe since its $199.99 right now. Sorry for the long post, all advice will be great!

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