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As someone said in an earlier post, why would you want to listen to someone on a cordless phone? I only did it because I was bored with some of the other frequencies, and because I could. I do not plan on using my new scanner to try and listen to cordless phones all the time. I want to use this one to moniter things in my area as I recently moved into an apartment on the 3rd floor up with a balcony that would be great for an outdoor antenna, mostly wanna listen to the the police, just to see how bad things realy are in my area, and I hope to be able to use it while driving. I also hope to learn a lot from this website. A luxury that I did not have in the past. Also to answer the question above I do believe it is illegal to listen, But you can still by the equipment, if you have that kind of MONEY.
Have a great day all, John.

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