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Originally Posted by frodin1 View Post
Yea, the problem is ALL the different agencies have their hands on the lake, so to speak. I was just wondering if there's a way to figure out which one agency could I monitor without having to do all of them. During heavy weekends, we have Coast guard, LHPD, State Parks, and California involved not to mention they bring in other people from other cities as well. Cali and AZ always have jurisdiction, since the state line is technically down the middle of the lake. I was just trying to avoid loading fifty billion frequencies if I don't need to.
"My *guess* is that the couple of different public safety agencies that patrol the lake will coordinate with each other on a discrete VHF marine channel, plus monitor VHF 16, and have their own public safety radio system radios."

If you look at the list of VHF Marine channels, you'll see that a handful are reserved for US Gov't use. Usually, that means USCG. I didn't think the USCG was active on Lake Havasu, but now I see via Google that they certainly are.

So adding on to the quote above from my original response, check VHF Marine channels 21, 22, 23 & 82 & 83 for use by all the public safety players on Lake Havasu, though they're simplex.

It's not too difficult at all to put in all your area's public safety freqs & monitor them to build-up your general knowledge of events & radio use. Over time, you'll then figure out which are used for LH operations & can put them in a separate bank so you can just focus on monitoring Lake Havasu stuff when you want to.
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