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Hi Elk
I checked the FCC Wireless Daily Downloads each day (morning and night) to see if I had a call sign. I found that new calls appear in a .dat file that you can download and open in Notepad. You can "Find" (ctrl F) your name or address if it is in the file.

Then I checked the FCC Database each day from Sunday 2/20/11, as well. On Monday 2/28/11, I got a HIT on my name in BOTH, the Daily Download AND on the FCC Database. If you want details on the Daily Download, I can walk you through the steps in un-zipping the files and looking in the File Titled, "EN.dat"

I got the paper ticket on Friday, March 4. Yesterday, I got the CORES Password for the FRN Account.

My kid had a Technician's License for about a year now, and he is duly annoyed that Dad got a General. He is an electrical engineer in grad school with a Great Ham Shack and I am sure he will show me up with an Extra in short order. Ha Ha

In any event, we are enjoying communicating over our VX-3R over the repeater. My base is only about 16 miles from college, but there are hills (Delaware doesn't have mountains, except for the Garbage Dump). Communications are a fragile thing, as we saw in Egypt and Libya.

His University of Delaware Shack has a potent 2 meter Yagi. I am going to construct a J-Pole just because it looks like piping (I'm a mechanical engineer).

Now if I can get the younger physics student involved, we should have our little network established. Thanks again for the help. . . 3's
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