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you will have to license for that pair at all 3 sites, if this is VHF good luck on getting that too. in addition you will need to get a microwave or telco based link tieing the sites together. then simulcast them using voting receivers to determine which RX audio path to use. expect the costs for all this to be high.

or you could get 3 MotoTRBO( other vendors do IP connectivity too but i am not familiar with them) repeaters and tie them together over IP. cost would be lower than the above, but still not dirt cheap.

for dirt cheap, teach your people proper radio use and have them switch channels to talk on the correct repeater.

also, no matter which choice you go with asking for 16-17 miles of reliable comms on handhelds is stretching it for most locations. realistic is more like HALF that, so if your towers are in a N-S line you would probably need 5-6 towers depending on terrain/obstructions/freq band in use.
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