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Not knowing where you live makes the offerings a challenge as what repeaters are in your area that yous a trying to access and what kind of environment makes a difference as to what radios would work best.

My first radio was the Icom W-32 HT, this has a BNC antenna connection making is easy for and external antenna to get attached.

Looking at the slim pickings that I just found, I'd have to go again with Icom and their V80 or U82 radios. DANG they are only mono band. You want a good radio that is able to get out well and have both the battery power and RF power to get out to the repeaters solidly. I do enjoy my Alinco 1.2/440/2m tri-bander. I did add a longer tri-band antenna and have no complaints about it's performance.

You might want to check with some of the local clubs and see what others use. You might even find a swap meet of equipment where you can get a great deal.

As to your question will an external antenna help? YES it will. That will allow a radio the pick uyp and send the RF signals on the outside of the truck rather than getting lost bouncing around inside the truck thanks to all that protective metal that trucks have. An external antenna can also improve the gain of the signal and extend you range from a repeater. Will guarantee you getting into a system, again that depends on where you and it are. As stated previously the VX3R is only putting out a watt or watt and a half. This compares with a mobile that can send out 35 to 50 watts typically (some as much as 75 watts).

Looking at your choice of the VX3R you have an excellent choice in channel and frequency coverage.

Good luck on getting your ticket.
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