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Originally Posted by mdulrich View Post
If only one or ten units respond to a scene it still only counts as one run/incident.

Not true. If the units are part of the same department it is one run. If there is a third service EMS provider, or a private contracted company, there is an incident for EMS and an incident for the Fire Department.

Generally in the Northeast, when a FD responds as first responders, it doesn't matter what level they are trained to, they operate at the first responder level. The belief is that since there are more pieces of fire apparatus strategically positioned around a city or town, they can arrive quicker, and provide care until the ambulance arrives. For the person who thinks it's a waste, if you were experiencing shortness of breath, would you want someone there with oxygen in 2 minutes or 6? Just because they can't transport doesn't mean that they can't help, and be of major benefit. As far as taking the's what they have, and it's designed to take the wear and tear.

Also, check into whether or not they go on every call. In Boston, FD generally only goes on calls where the equipment they carry (Oxygen, Defib) would be of benefit.
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