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Originally Posted by wpann View Post
Here's the deal:

No, they don't respond to every call. It depends on the severity. I heard on my Minitor last night a call right down the block for an 88yr female weak and not eating. I ran there as fast as I can. It was just for a Medic, no engine. Waited a few minutes for the ambulance to pull up and as it was backing in, engine 9 was dispatched because the patient was incoherent. Then the engine floored it to the scene but as it approached the residence, it was dispatched to go back to the station. So no firemen got out and turned right around. So the medic is already there, why did they attempt to get the FD there?

Many times fire crews are returned without getting off the engine too -- depends on the call.

If you're there and you need help, you'd rather have them coming then have to call and wait--- minutes seem like they go on forever when you're there and help is needed.

"You can always cancel them...." if they aren't needed.

As for adding the engine later - the dispatcher may have received some additional info after the initial dispatch that indicated they should be sent - hard to say. Additional help could be sent just based on where the patient is -- perhaps on a level above the 1st floor for example.... the medics may need help for lifting -- so many possibilities.
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