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Originally Posted by wpann View Post
Here's the deal:

No, they don't respond to every call. It depends on the severity. I heard on my Minitor last night a call right down the block for an 88yr female weak and not eating. I ran there as fast as I can. It was just for a Medic, no engine. Waited a few minutes for the ambulance to pull up and as it was backing in, engine 9 was dispatched because the patient was incoherent. Then the engine floored it to the scene but as it approached the residence, it was dispatched to go back to the station. So no firemen got out and turned right around. So the medic is already there, why did they attempt to get the FD there?
I'm a little confused myself. Why are YOU running to this call? I'm hoping it's the same reason why the Engine Co goes to some calls; to help the citizen.

In Connecticut (this is the CT Forum), almost all the career fire departments respond to EMS calls as first responders. They are dispatched according to fairly stringent protocols dictated by Emergency Medical Dispatch programs, all signed off by physicians (somewhere).
While there are plenty of sarcastic and political statements to be made about this practice, there are plenty of times that the firefighters get to a scene to assist our citizens; they deliver babies, perform CPR, help EMS crews lift, drive the ambulance so both EMS techs can tend the patient, perform care until a mutual aid ambulance arrives, all sorts of things.
Does it run up the numbers, and wear down the trucks? Sure, no different than the ambulances picking up the same drunks over and over, or the police car idling at a construction site for days, it's all part of the cost of doing business.
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