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Originally Posted by Alarms50 View Post
If anyone was to read the full proposed bill by Rep. Peter King R-NY, then they would see that this bill is NOT JUST ABOUT HAM'S. This bill, states in section 207(a)(1) "Not later than 8 years after the date of enactment of the Act, each public safety entities shall end their use of radio spectrum above 420 megahertz and below 512 megahertz and begin to use alternative radio spectrum licensed to public safety services in the 700 megahertz and 800 mega hertz bands." This clearly states EVERYONE from 420MHz to 512MHz will be have to relocate. ONLY in D.C. can something like this be proposed.

Unless I read it wrong, I believe that the bill is also looking to eliminate all users of the 150 to 174 MHz or so and move them to the 700 MHz band.

Regardless of what the frequencies are that the bill is trying to take away from the current users, I don't know of any public safety agency that would be willing to give up what they have now and move to the 700 band. Big question is who is going to pay for it. The current users are having enough trouble just trying to find the funds to go narrow band. Now we are looking at throwing away all that money just spent and move again. Don't think that Rep. Peter King has had very good information on just what the results of the bill would be if it get adopted. It almost smells like some back room wine and dine from one of the major radio companies looking to make a killing on selling new radio equipment.

There is no way that the 700 band can even support a migration of all public safety agencies to it. There just isn't enough room to fit that many users in the big population areas into the space available. Plus the current users on VHF are there for a reason. Most of the time it is due to the region they are in to be able to get some range with their radio systems. Going to a 700 band system will require probably doubling the number of radio sites. In some parts of the country in the mountains, you are not about to get permission to build new tower sites. So now your hands are tied and you end up with holes in the radio system that worked just fine on the VHF band.

Tell me Rep. King just how your going to solve the range problem you just created by trying to force agencies off the VHF band? Maybe you need to sit down with some of the current users and find out just what the problems and issues are before you travel much further down the road with this 607 bill of yours.
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