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Originally Posted by Fuzy_GSXR1000 View Post
Ok I'm sorry I'm slow I put one of those NJ State Police talk groups into my new scanner and it accepted the programming so now it will find every frequency in that group automatically? I assume that's a more practial way of programing your scanner because it finds all the frequency within that particilar talkgroup?
You're not slow. Trunk systems can be difficult to understand. There are no frequencies within a talk group. Trunk systerms operate via a group of frequencies and users communicate on those frequencies via talk groups. Here's a brief explanation of how trunk systems work. It may help you understand a little better. In it, it refers to Group IDs. Group IDs ARE talk groups.
Overview of Trunking Radio Systems -
If you're still having difficulty understanding, don't hesitate to post back and I or someone else will try to help you further.
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