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Originally Posted by kf4mnd View Post
Funny....I have never seen the 420-440 mhz range ever used for emergecy services, no storm spotting, no reports sent to the NWS, and certainly never used as emergency backup communications. In fact, all of the services that the USA article speaks of would more than likely all be on the 441-450 mhz range where repeaters or simplex frequencies would be utilized, In fact, about the only operations (if at all) that are found in
the range that we would be losing is satellite operations. So the part of the band that we would be losing would not even effect emergency service operations (in my opinion). In reality, most of the emergency operations would be conducted on 2 mtrs anyway. Lets face it fellow hams, we all know that the 420-440 mhz range rarely ever gets used by any of us except for a few satellite ops, we never used this range before, now we wanna cry "foul" and lead the gov't to believe that we actually use this range for emergency operations? It really makes me wonder lol. Bottom line, if you don't use it, you lose it!
I have to agree here...

Also, I have also never seen any hame operation from 420-439. Certainly 440-450, but not the aforementioned....
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