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Originally Posted by Nate22 View Post
I program APX radios for a major police department, I agree with the posts so far, however the latest software vesion is 5.0. The latest software version is a big improvement over the previous versions. Also if you are programming trunking systems you must have an advanced system key (a hardware device, usually a USB device) that only the Master System Key holder for that particular radio system can create) Also Motorola APX software is not compatible with Windows XP 64 bit. Stay with XP 32 bit or move up to Windows 7.
Nate, can I pick you brain? I just started editing a codeplug for a local FD and I'm frustrated already.

Can you have multiple sections open at the same time like the XTL/XTS cps? I like to view teh Zone/Channel while I am editing the personality/TALKGROUPS so I can see the changes live. And also see which changes need to be made. Same with Scan lists/systems/

Which brings up #2, can you re-sort the items? Like in the XTS cps you can right-click thten say "MOVE TO" a row?

This APX CPS seems like 2 steps backwards!
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