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Originally Posted by PHOENIX_SCANNER View Post
GMRS is pretty much done. Everyone and their first grader has a cell phone with a family plan and GMRS is pretty much unused these days in Phoenix. In the last two years it has really gone silent, including FRS, for the most part. Kids now call each other on cellphones to make annoying sounds, and no longer use these radios. Or they are texting each other, or using the internet from their smart phone. GMRS is sort of like ham, where only the true die-hards cling to their dying service. Between cell phones and internet, private radio uses is pretty much done for most folks.

Time marches on.
I am glad you are such a expert on radio matters you are always negative on anything radio related and love to get heat discussion going on the forums with your negative attitude,stick with your pay for use service we do not need you on either Ham or GMRS troll.....
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