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Default Who did you work today?

I can't find a thread like this anywhere, and I don't think it belongs under "skip and prop", so let's see what the mods do with it.

Who did you work today? The local repeater while riding your bike? Super rare DX? or maybe just someone on 2m simplex?

I'm selling some radios for a friend of mine, so while making videos of them in action, I worked him on 6 meter FM (52.525Mhz simplex) while he was in his mobile, me running 10 watts into a long wire. Later, 6 meters opened up to the SE USA and heard stations from SC, GA, FL, *AND*, C6AFP/B from the Bahamas on 50.040Mhz. That beacon floored me because when I had my 5 element beam on the roof and practically lived on 6 meters, I never heard it. Now, with a little FT-690 and a random wire ... there it is! Amazing.

Who did you work today?
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