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Default Pro-95 speaker mod?

Hi, new forum user here, not new to scanners, or any type of radio equipment, but I do have a question about this scanner, the Pro-95 older model dual trunking from Radio Shack....

I remember programming one of these years ago for someone, and the audio is not very loud from the internal speaker. Does anyone know what replacement speaker or some other mod (like maybe a higher gain transistor for the audio output circuit and it's location on the circuit board)?

Just thought I'd ask, I got one the other day off Ebay for $61 shipped. Figured couldn't pass that up, I don't often need a handheld, but lately with the wildfires here in Texas it would be nice to have a handheld. This county is still on TxWARN Analog 800mhz Motorola Type II Smartzone so the Pro-95 will work just fine for that.

Thanks in advance!

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