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Spun the dial across 10 meters last night at 0000z. I've never heard so much RTTY on this band, it was awesome. Must have been a contest going on. I also heard quite a bit of AM mode activity up around 29.0 Mhz. Statons from Lake Tahoe, Glendale, CA, and in the Mohave Desert. Some 11 meter clowns heard, but not too many this time.

I took notes as I scanned the beacon band. I haven't checked these against any list for accuracy, this is jus what I scribbled down:

28,166 XE2O/b EL05 5 watts
28,183 XE1RCS/b EK09
28,197 VE7MTY/B CN89
28,204 W6CF/b
28,203 K6LLR/b Laguna Beach
28,205 W9EFJ/b local to me
28,208 NB7A/b DM09 4 watts Reno
28,211 WB5DYG/b AZ
28,225 K6FRC/b4
28,229 ZL2MSU New Zealand!
28,244 WA6APQ/b Long Beach, CA
28,249 K8NDB DM22
28,250 K6FRC/b2
28,263 ???
28,265 N7SCQ/b
28,287 WI6J/b Bakersfield, CA DM05
28,296 KA7BGR CN82
28.300 K6FRC/b
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