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Yes- 857.2125 is the control channel since it is the one displaying DAT and NFM. Since @jcmt is able to hear it then it must be something with my BC796D setup. I'm sorry. These trunked systems seem to get more confusing and difficult to set up every time I turn my scanner on.

I have all frequencies programmed in on one bank. I put them in numerical order. I moved the CC to the first frequency slot. But that hasn't helped. I checked to see if one frequency was accidentally programmed as Priority or something. I can hear talk if I manually tune to various frequencies but when trunking it won't do anything but park on the CC. Sometimes it seems my scanner forgets it's a trunked bank and slips back into conventional. I will try reprogramming the entire bank from scratch (I've lost my computer so I can no longer program it with my PC and must use the BC796D interface).

BTW, I find the Uniden manuals to be horribly confusing and almost useless...maybe it's just me.
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