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Originally Posted by digitalanalog View Post
As i figured, Nothing to report, been scanning the freq's above but from here I have received nothing at all....Sorry Mike...I tried...
Hi Jim. Not a problem but. On a normal day, the only one I would ever hear if it came online is the Weirton one. I posted that mostly for the lazy west virginians who [for the most part] never attempt to help find new data. They all want somebody else to find it, and then they want to use it rofl. There are exceptions. bubba1661 and ab8sn submit stuff allt he time. But most of the rest of the WV folks are lazy and greedy when it comes to freq info.

So I post the **** in hopes that somebody will actually program the info in and then TELL us when they hear something. I suspect some of them hear stuff but never tell us heh

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