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Originally Posted by cmlewis1969 View Post
Mike the Blueville Grafton site is actually in Taylor County not Morgan. I will be in Grafton next week and will take my 106 and laptop and see what i can find. I have a nephew with GFD and he tells me that it will be January when they will begin to start to test the new radios. Ill let ya know what i get while there atleast for neighboring sites.
Thanks, that will certainly be a lot of help. The neighbor information really helps.

As far as where the sites are located, if I said that the Blueville-Grafton site is in Taylor, it might be because the FCC records claim that county. And, of course, since I'm not from WV I don't know any better. I've seen a lot of cases where the FCC records don't jive with where sites really are. Ive had people tell me that about a few other sites that are right on the edge of bordering counties. Or, maybe I just made a mistake when it typed it. I do have brain farts on occasion.

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