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I have both the 996XT and the HP-1 sitting next to my computer as I type and listen, both are scanning a P-25 700 MHz site and both are operating as a virtual scanner and logging to the computer screen with the log screens side-by-side. One is used for discovering new TG and the other for finding new UID (the site is a fairly new one and the db is incomplete. . Both are connected via a Stridsburg multi-coupler to the same discone on my tower. I don't see any significant differnence in performance between the 2 models. I have had various models of scanners for more than 35 years and have never myself had a failure of an internal speaker. The HP-1 with 'extreme edition' upgrade is not a toy, it is close to having the features of a much more expensive Cushman service monitor. Both scanners are providing useful info to me for my purposes. If it is within your budget either will serve you. Since no one sees the scanners but me, whether they look like consumer radios or 'professional' radios is not relevant.