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Default What HT radio gets close to meeting my needs/wants?

New guy here. I'm studying for my tech ticket hopefully within a months time I'll have it. I've been reading reviews on HT's and across the internet for several weeks. Just when I think I'm honed in on a feature set I find something I might not like.

Eventually I'll probably get something like a portable Yaesu 857D. But for now I'm looking for a dual band HT. I go out into rural areas a lot, stomping through the woods, in all weather and although I take care of any gear I have I can be a bit rough on it and I want it to be durable.

So I'm looking for durability, reasonable waterproofing, control lockout when I'm just listening and walking around and must be able to use AA's as a backup preferably at full power not at 300 mW.

The 2-3 unit's I've been looking at are the Yaesu FT-6R, VX-6R and for grins the VX-8DR. The DR is probably overkill for me at this early stage. The 6R seems rugged and folks like them, but I don't think it's "submersible" waterproof, and I don't think you can lockout the controls and can easily bump a knob or button and change freq's - Has this changed? The VX-6R 2 AA battery pack is minimal and basically defeats the purpose of having in an emergency situation unless you want to use morse code.

So is there some other durable reliable brand that has the features I'm looking for? Kenwood, ICOM??? Maybe I've overlooked the model with the features I'm looking for but Kenwood and ICOM tend to go to a single band only if it's submersible rated.

Thanks for any direction you can provide.
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