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Post LCRA-LiveOak Site P25 TRS linked activity noticed lately

Hello, listening all morning, things are expanding on the LO P25 site, here are some TG's to add:

Let's separate "All Talkgroups" into 2 ie "LCRA Talkgroups" and "New Braunfels Talkgroups"

Adds to "LCRA Talkgroups"

RadioTesting ID2 TG 2
RadioTesting ID4 TG 4 (TG4 is allready posted)
RadioTesting ID7 TG 7
LCRA Talkgroup ? TG 11 (traffic to brief to ID , sounded LCRA related )
LCRA CustCareCnt TG 20 (linked to TG#257 (02-001) on LCRA 900 EDACS TRS)

Adds to "Live Oak Talkgroups"

LO Citywide CH-1 TG 12038 (linked to TG#153 (01-031) 12038 is allready posted)
LiveOak/Selma PD1 TG 12047 (linked to TG#162 (01-042) on Live Oak EDACS TRS)
LiveOak/Selma PD3 TG 12048 (linked to TG#163 (01-043) Live Oak PD officer ID'd as CH3)
LiveOak/Selma PD4 TG 12049 (linked to TG#164 (01-044) Selma PD4 called to Best Buy in Forum)
LiveOak Bldg Insp TG 12164 (Building Inspectors as reffered to by the Live Oak Dispatcher)

ps~ Yes, I already submitted this data today, but thought I would share this so others could monitor !
OK, yes you 2 know who you are that pratically document everything for the Live Oak Area(DonH & NC
I have kept the Live Oak P25 Wildcard in my FAVS scanning with a special alert so I take extra notice
and then turn on another on my many scanners to just scan the Live Oak EDACS TRS so I can quickly
document "linked" talkgroups over on their new LCRA/Live Oak P25 TRS. Sure makes ID'ing TG's a snap!
So Live Oak and Selma seem to be leading the pack of 5 cities in being the first ones to use the P25 TRS
RS DX-396,Grundig YB400,S-350DL, BC-880 CB
RS 20-32(2),20-43(2),20-73 ST2,20-176,20-283's
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