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HRD is Ham Radio Deluxe, a very popular ham transceiver and digital program...

This is my personal opinion, but I think you would end up in an insane asylum if you had to program 3 states' worth of data manually.. All that function and button pushing would be enough to drive even the late Bill Cheek up a wall.

And as for Uniden's so-called 'scanner program' - they never put one out for the XT series of scanners and their UASD hasn't been updated in ages.. Just break down and get FreeScan with a premium subscription and you'll be good to go. Now mind you, it will still take a bunch of time to organize 3 states' worth of data, but I can pretty much guarantee you won't be doing a whole lot of scanner button pushing.

Uniden's manual for these radios is a true piece of brown stuff, so do yourself a favor - either buy the Easier to Read manual from Scanner Master, or download it from here...

Easier to Read BCD996XT Digital Scanner Manual

Although on second thought, you might be better off with a Home Patrol....HTH...Mike
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