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Default How to find RF noise culprit

Since I bought and moved into this house I have had so much problems with RF noise. At first I didn't know it was noise, thought it was bad signals since my house is surrounded with trees. Then I thought it was the big power lines that run by the house.

Playing around trying to listen to some am broadcast I noticed horrible RF interference which peaked at 750 khz. I grabbed my Grundig G6 tuned to 750 khz and walked outside. As I walk away from the house the noise goes away and WSB in Atlanta, GA comes in very clean. I can walk around the entire house and the noise is gone until I walk closer to the house.

This rules out the power lines. The noise is there even when I use my long wire antenna's 30ft in the air attached to my tower(next to the house) and coax grounded at antenna and base of tower.

I have also noticed a weird issue if a television cable is unplugged in the house my home theater sub will hum, picking up RF through the RCAs.

My plan tomorrow is to flip the main breaker in the box and see if the noise goes away, if it does I will turn back on one breaker at a time till it comes back, then trace down the circuits on that breaker till I find the culprit. If turning the main breaker off does not eliminate the noise I am not sure where to check next.

Sorry for the long post but was curious if anyone had any advice for tracking down the source of the RF noise? I would try to use the radio, but as soon as I am in the house the noise has maxed out the radio.

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