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Default Hope this helps you some.

Thatís a good analytical way to find or solve the problem RFI. If you can determine the circuit at fault, but you have too many motors, electronics, or other appliances on that line, youíll need to unplug them one at a time to further eliminate the cause. Also, double check after you unplug or turn off a breaker that there arenít other sources of RFI. Does you house electrical system have a good grounding circuit? Check the ground rod connections (or pipe if so connected). Usually you can grab the bare ground wire and wiggle it around a bit to see if itís loose.
Iím sure youíve got your job cut out for you, and I doubt that I need to say ďBe CAREFULEĒ! Keep us posted on your progress and if you eliminated the problem and if so what was at fault. And if necessary ask for some help if needed.
You really need a good clean RF surrounding without any interfering RFI for your new Hallicrafters S-20R Sky Champion !

Also, you may try using your scanner without the antenna for further investigating the RFI. There will be others coming online with more helpful hints and info for you to check and locate.
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