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Originally Posted by 7designs View Post
Luckily I can shut them off when I want to use the radios.
That is exactly what I do when I'm going to do some serious monitoring!
I kill almost everything not needed for the radios actually. Even my UPS units emit some garbage and it all seems to be cumulative in nature so with enough stuff still plugged in, my noise floor would be rather high.
The loop antenna did help big time in that area though.
If you find more noise, look around for wall wart power supplies as many are switchers and ru very noisy.
My Icom R75 came with a switching power supply. I found a note inside the owners manual from Icom stating that the power supply may cause unwanted noise! Mine did not mess with anything I monitored so I used it for a while until I was able to move the R75 to my large battery supplied power circuit. I have huge SLA batteries that can deliver tons of amps at 12 VDC for everything I have that can run from 12 volts. I operate from those batteries when working with weak signals which is a lot at night for me.
Run that way and also kill my computers and it is pretty quiet around here.
I have one computer that I consider my main computer. I took special precautions when I built that one. I ran braided ground straps all over inside and outside the chassis plus played around with things like the video card and selected one that was rf quiet. That computer is almost noise free and I will run it when I do digital signal decoding. I also have one laptop that I've not found any bad noise from that I use when operating in the dark as I call it.
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