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Originally Posted by 7designs View Post

Flipped the main breaker noise stopped s0 noise floor. Turned power back on and still s0 telling me it was something running that did not start back up when power came back on. Well that made me suspect my PCs. Turned my computer on and instantly s9.

So I have to PCs in the home and both cause s9 noise. But my laptops and other electronics do not cause the noise. Cable modem and wrt54g router cause no noise.

With my desktop computers off I have never seen it so quite. Many am stations coming in as I write this. Even the issue with my home theater powered sub is gone!

So, now how do I get the noise out of the PCs?

I am going to try grounding the chassis to a ground rod and see if that works. But at least I can shut them off when I want to use the radios. Thanks to all who have replied.
FYI, the WRT54G router does cause noise but at VHF and within about 3ft.

I recently upgraded to the Cisco 2700 router and it has zero noise on HF or VHF.

Very likely your power supply is the culprit. The cheaper units do not have much in the way of RF filtering. I use a Corsair power supply and it does not emit any RFI.

And I leave my computer on full-time since my primary radio is a SDR.

PS. This is a must read for PC builders:

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