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I suppose it's not nice to say, but I'm glad to hear that even the big wigs on here stuggle with programming this thing.
I have read alot of the Uniden manual and gone through the Easy to read manual, and I still don't get it. I've always been a hands on learner. Never did well with read and do. I think most of my problem is terminology.
The question I have for anyone who can answer would be; Is this unit compatible with Windows 7? I also bought Arc-XT Pro and am wondering if that is compatible with windows 7. I have read a few things that have caused me worries about this. I have hooked up to my PC via the front serial port, but unfortunaley when it attempts to install the drivers, it fails. Every time.

I have decided that purchasing the download programming from this website will be the best thing to do, so now I need ti know if it will work with windows 7. From there I can reverse engineer the programming technique and learn that way.