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Originally Posted by ka5lqj View Post
HRD stands for Ham Radio Deluxe, a Window's program that has several programs inside that allow the user to use his computer to control his ham rig. ...

Three gentlemen hams bought the company from the author in South Africa and are upgrading the software, removing the "bugs" and charging a fee for the software. Now, if I knew something about Linux programming, I'd attempt the switch-over to Linux and GIVE the software away. Hams are forbidden to use the hobbly to make money.

No, where did you get such an idea? Amateurs are not allowed to make money from 'on-the-air activiters'. Of course they can be in any type of related business they want, publishers of information for amateurs make money, whether they publish in print or publish electronically makes no difference.

It remains to be seen if the new owners of HRD will be profitable. Selling software to amateurs is not a high profit venture. When at Dayton 2 weeks ago walking around looking at booths there were very FEW selling software. ScannerMaster was one who was selling both scanner hardware and software and Rich was sharing his booth with Gommert Buysen (Butel software). Since both are private companies it is only a guess if they are profitable or not (but both are amateurs and they certainly aren't forbidden from trying).