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Excellent information and advice. Thanks for your thoughtful and well-considered replies.

So, my GMRS-license-holding buddy and I did some work with the repeater yesterday and we figured out the problem. It was indeed a desense issue (probably not much of a surprise there). Where the desense was occurring, however, was a surprise. It wasn't the installation that was flawed, but the testing regimen! I was desensing the repeater "monitor" I had with me in the car as I drove around testing the repeater.

I tested the repeater by using two radios ('A' and 'B') while driving away from the repeater site. When I keyed up the repeater on A, it desensed radio B. It appeared that it was the repeater that was malfunctioning when it was just that the incoming signal from the repeater was getting clobbered locally by my outgoing signal. Problem solved.

I had my buddy drive south of the repeater while I drove north, and the repeater worked perfectly for several miles (we had very good line of sight). When I observed that the repeater seemed to be working fine, it took my buddy about a nano-second to reply, "yeah, dummy, you were desensing your B radio!"

Indeed this is true (on both counts--ha!), but this exercise was meant to be a learning experience. That's part of the fun of this whole radio hobby...learning new things. I've been riding bicycles for over three decades, but I still learn stuff about them I never knew before.

Again, thanks everyone for your patient and professional responses. It's nice to deal with grown-ups in these forums!

Lastly, to close the loop on the original question: Yes, this little repeater controller does work, and so does the mobile duplexer. I have the "larger" duplexer rated for 50W, but the general construction and principle seem to be sound.

Thanks again.

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