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Default APX7000 Forced Narrowband?


I am trying to figure out if I am going to buy an APX for ham use (as well as LMR) if I have to purchase it before Jan 1, 2013 to use 25 KHz bandwidth or is it already too late? I read in some other forums that it is the Q507 flash that forces narrowband and that if you do not have Q507 that you are fine. The FCC rules say that no 25 khz equipment in part 90 can ship in the US (or be imported) after the deadline. I also read in the Motorola catalog pages for the APX the following RED text:
"Special Note for United States - State & Local Markets only:
In accordance with the FCC mandate, the APX7000 UHF R1 & UHFR2 combination (QA00571 with QA00576 OR QA00572 with QA00575) dual band radio is restricted to NOT allow programming for 25 KHz operation. These frequencies are RESTRICTED to 12.5 KHz operation only."

Does anyone know if this includes, for example, if a VHF/UHFR1 APX7000 or would these bandsplits work on 25 KHz?

Thanks for any help.
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