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Originally Posted by TrunkLatcher View Post
Thanks for the clarification. People seem to talk about the MotoTrbo series when I asked specifically about the APX7000.
People are trying to help you. In the case of the [403-470] XPR7550, which is a brand new Trbo radio Motorola is starting to sell, it is compliant with the new narrow band rules, & from the factory, will only work as a narrow band radio. Should you be a ham, or need to legally use the radio in the wideband mode, you can get an entitlement where you sign a waiver, & Motorola will e-mail you software to be able to use the radio in the wideband mode where it is legal to do so. Of course you need to have legit CPS Trbo software. In the case of the APX7000, it has been out for a few years already, so all the discussion is speculation as to what will happen with narrow banding. Newer firmware will probably render earlier APX radios narrow band only. So like in geometry, people are speculating that if newer firmware renders the APX radio narrow band only, then Motorola could also issue an entitlement [like they do on the XPR7550] to allow a narrow band only APX7000 to use wideband where it is legally allowed. I hope I've explained this correctly. GARY N4KVE

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