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This issue in the thread is that everyone jumped on the TRBO bandwagon, which is a different product group and what many more people might know here on RR vs BL. Plus typing on the iPhone earlier doesn't help get the message across

The APX platform already supports the narrowbanding mandate in the software and firmware. For the APX (thus far) is REQUIRES the narrowbanding flash to for the 12.5 dev. Last I saw, all APX radios delivered and/or sold after Jan 1 will have that flash option in the radio to be compliant - however as previously stated the weather, ham and maritime ranges will not be affected.

The TRBOs are a little different as they are marketed to business who typically do not update radios or "in the loop" as much as public safety. They are essentially getting a jump start. You can only get an entitlement from Moto for wideband programming as long as you have an active software subscription, and even then its only one per computer IIRC.

From the CPS help file for APX:

FCC Narrowbanding Requirement

All Federal Communications Commission (FCC) compliant land mobile radios operating in VHF and UHF FCC Part 90 Frequencies must eventually operate in 12.5 kHz efficiency or better; the 25 kHz efficiency is being phased-out.

All radio codeplugs that are subject to this requirement are identifiable by a "Q507/G507 - 12.5 kHz FCC Mandate" option in the codeplug's Purchased Feature Name list.

Cloning a target radio which has the "Q507/G507 - 12.5 kHz FCC Mandate" option from a source radio or codeplug that does not have this option holds certain restrictions. See the Cloning Warnings.

The impacted FCC Part 90 Frequency ranges are:

VHF: 150-174 MHz (excluding the Part 80 Marine frequencies)
UHF1 / UHF2: 421-512 MHz

For Conventional Systems:

The CPS allows only 12.5 kHz operation for radio codeplugs that are subject to the FCC Narrowbanding Requirement. The CPS allows 25 kHz operation on frequencies that are not in the FCC Part 90 Frequency ranges. (See the Tx Deviation / Channel Spacing field)

For Trunked systems:

On Trunked Type II systems, the CPS allows only 12.5 kHz operation on OBT channels for radio codeplugs that are subject to the FCC Narrowbanding Requirement. (See the Channel Bandwidth field)
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